The girls waiting to eat.

The Girls  & Some of their kids.....

Meet the girls that make it happen!

These are the Does that share their fresh milk with us and allow us to make pure, clean, natural, goat milk soap.  You only have one body, and I am trying to keep it clean and free of toxins .  Go Green and Clean!

Soaps and   NUBIAN Boer cross goats

Goat Hollow Queen  TM

Our Farm

The Man Behind the Scenes...

I have issues with my spinal nerves and facial nerves, everyday.  It causes me to itch a lot and I have to be careful about what I put on my body (which is one of the reasons for soap!)  Some days I am just too wore out to do anything.  That is where  my  amazing dad comes in!  No matter what happens, I can always count on him to take care of our animals.  (talk about a hero!)  My dad feeds my girls every day, he is the one you never see.  Definitely the  behind-the-scenes man that makes it all work.  With out his help, Mabry Farm and Goat Hollow Queen soaps wouldn't be here today.

He always says, the animals come first; "They eat supper, then we eat.  We always put the farm animals first." I was taught that lesson long ago and carry that with me everyday.  I believe you need to have respect, care, love and understanding of your animals before you can own them and especially use them.  That's why we always take care of our girls and make sure that they are happy, and healthy!